The Social and Behavioural Science for Cyber Security Conference 2018


The Social and Behavioural Science for Cyber Security Conference 2018 aims to highlight the contributions social and behavioural science can make to cyber security challenges.

The event will bring together industry experts and researchers from the social and behavioural sciences, to provide insights into the real world cyber security problems and demonstrate the impact social and behavioural science can have.

The conference will showcase the latest research, provide facilitated networking opportunities, and be a forum to explore future social and behavioural science research directions in cyber security.

Who should attend?

This conference is aimed predominantly at early career researchers and PhD students and is a unique opportunity for social and behavioural scientists with an interest in cyber security to come together.

Who is speaking?

Download the full programme (PDF).

Humans in Cyberspace – Where No One Has Gone Before… (and how Human Sciences can help!)

Robert is a Lecturer in Information Activities at Cranfield University, where he runs the Cyberwarfare in Intelligence and Military Operations module of the Cyberspace Operations Masters at the UK Defence Academy. His interests lie in understanding the role cyber can play in interstate relations, confrontation and warfare, especially in the Digital Age. He has extensive experience working with cyber security practitioners and has worked with cyber operators in the planning and delivery of cyber operations and in conducting research to support the building of capabilities to support them in their role.

Cyber Security Challenges for Future Socio-technical Systems

Fiona is a Fellow at MoD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and a chartered registered occupational psychologist. Over a 27-year career she has been the Technical Authority on a number of multi-disciplinary applied research programmes and in-government consultancy projects that have delivered evidence based advice and analysis to inform government policies and enhance Defence and Security organisational practices. Fiona was also Chair of the Cabinet Office’s Behavioural Sciences Advisory Group between 2010 - 2012. She specialises in psychology in the workplace, specifically, how future technologies can augment human capabilities, as well as how people interact with technology.

Pobody’s nerfect: Humans, Social Psychology, and Cybersecurity

The Importance of Community in Regulating Maritime Cyberspace

Everyday Security in Organisations: A Literature Review

Communicating with Software Developers

Investigating the dynamics of socio-technical factors in cyber security practices of application software developers in SMEs

Labelling schemes for consumer Internet of Things devices: Understanding consumer values and behaviours

Demystifying Cyber Security using Psychology: A Tale of Three Studies

Social media brand page phishing: who is at risk?

Restrained responses: explaining the puzzle of lack of meaningful and proportionate punishment for major offensive cyber operations

How likely is likely? The influence of risk information and individual differences on cyber security risk perceptions and decisions

Call for abstracts for 15 minute presentations — now closed.

If you would like the opportunity to present your work at this event please submit an abstract of between 300 and 500 words to by 17:00 on 21st September 2018 (extended deadline).

We are delighted to announce that CREST will be funding three travel bursaries, and RISCS will be funding three travel bursaries. These will be awarded to PhD students or ECRs who submit the best abstracts, as judged by the organising team. Each bursary will cover standard travel costs.

Successful submissions will be informed by 1st October 2018.

Book your place

Please use our Eventbrite page to book your place at this free conference.

Location and travel

The conference will take place at:

Roke Manor Research Ltd,
Old Salisbury Lane
SO51 0ZN

Romsey is the nearest railway station, which is a 5 minute taxi ride from Roke.

For detailed directions please see the Roke website.

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